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Dear Boulder Residents,

I’m the inventor of Paybuyer, a new ad model launching in Boulder. Paybuyer lets advertisers pay buyers for their attention before purchases.

It's a big idea. If the model works in Boulder, it will grow fast and be copied across the Internet. The money that advertisers pay to Google and Facebook will start going to buyers. The payments start small, but they'll rise to $.50 - $100.00, similar to what Google now gets per click.

It's fair and private, unlike Google's and Facebook's surveillance models.

I’m giving you stock in Paybuyer because I need your help to kickstart it. You get shares for learning about it and spreading the word. I hope that, as owners, you'll have an extra reason to use the site and make it succeed, like a coop.

What are the shares worth and how can you sell them? See the Share Rules and this video.


Mike Rossides


250 shares when you ask a business to check out Paybuyer. 750 more if it advertises. Collect.

1,000 shares for each friend you tell. Collect.

1,000 shares for reading Reasons to Use Paybuyer (154 words). Collect.

5,000 shares for viewing If Paybuyer's a Hit, Your Shares Should Have Value (5 minutes). Collect.

See Share Eligibility and Ownership Rules

*Boulder shareholders not verified.