Paybuyer is the first widely applicable system for paying real buyers to click through to web pages and/or call advertisers.

It's in a proof of concept phase with a handful of initial advertisers.

It's operated by Paybuyer LLC, a licensing and development company formed to introduce this new ad technology (U.S. patent pending).

It's the initial embodiment of a general technology that does two significant things. One, it lets advertisers pay buyers money for their attention, ultimately in multiple dollar amounts. And, two, it lets advertisers use verification-based targeting, which is far more accurate than any other targeting method.

Seeking Partners

Paybuyer is seeking partners interested in helping us develop and spread our model.

Paybuyer Team

  • Michael Rossides - Founder

    Mr. Rossides is an inventor.

  • Justin Fuhrer - CTO

    Mr. Fuhrer is a web programmer and front-end designer.

  • James D. Stein, Ph.D. - Consultant

    Dr. Stein is a math professor and author.