Paybuyer is the first broadly applicable model for enabling advertisers to pay buyers and only buyers for visiting websites, viewing videos, and calling.

The Paybuyer model does two significant things. One, it lets advertisers pay buyers money for their attention, ultimately in multiple dollar amounts. And, two, it lets advertisers use verification-based targeting, which is more accurate than any other targeting method.

The current version of Paybuyer is a proof-of-concept pilot with a small number of search terms.

However, Paybuyer can handle tens of thousands of search terms (using a simpler ad layout), should any serious advertiser want to test its capabilities.


Paybuyer is partnering with SCA Promotions and its founder, Bob Hamman, who pioneered the field of prize insurance.


Michael Rossides - Founder

Mr. Rossides, a graduate of Columbia University, is an inventor with several patents, including for the Expected Value Payment Method, an exceptionally efficient payment method.

Justin Fuhrer - CTO

Mr. Fuhrer is a web programmer and front-end designer.

James G. Dix, JD, CFA - Advisor

Mr. Dix is a former advertising and media analyst for Deutsche Banc and Wedbush Securities. Previously, he was a Senior Attorney in the Enforcement Division of the SEC. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, University of Virginia Law School, and the Booth School of Business.