Attract Buyers by Paying Them to Click or Call

Pay people $0.50 to visit your site or $1.00 to call, within 30 days before they buy what you sell.


Key Features

Pay Buyers $0.50 or $1.00 on Average

Only Verified Buyers - We Check Receipts

Buyer Eligibility

A user must (1) spend at least $50 buying the product/service you specify, (2) within Denver city limits, (3) within 30 days after visiting your website or calling, via Paybuyer.

Only for Attention

You pay just for a buyer's attention, at the moment of truth. It's up to your business to close the sale. If the buyer purchases from a competitor, you still have to pay her.

How It Works & Pricing

1. Create an Ad (Upfront Cost $0)

You create a listing and choose the search term describing your product/service, e.g., “plumber.”

2. User Finds Your Ad

From your ad, the user visits your website or calls your business. A call must last at least 90 seconds for the user to get paid.

3. Pay User 50¢ or $1 Conditionally

You pay the user 50¢ for a visit or $1 for a call, virtually, on the condition that she is a real buyer (your credit card is NOT charged).

4. User Plays Double-or-Nothing

She then plays Double-or-Nothing to win $.50, $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64. At each round, she has a 50% chance of losing.

5. Your Business Owes the Prize (Up to $64)

She can stop playing at any round and ask to collect her prize. Your business will owe the prize up to $64. It's like you're running a sweepstakes for each user you pay, with a top prize of $64.

6. Paybuyer Verifies User's Receipt

She can only collect the prize if she provides a receipt, proving she bought the product/service you sell, within 30 days after contacting your business. We verify receipts.

7. You Pay the Prize ($64 Max)

When a winner provides a copy of her receipt, we charge your credit card the amount of the prize. So, you only pay real money to a real, verified buyer.

8. You Measure Results

Your dashboard shows the last names of people who visited your website and called via Paybuyer. You check these names against your customer list to see if you gained customers from your ad.