Attract Real Buyers by Paying them to Call

Paybuyer is a novel directory that lets you pay people to call your business right before they buy the type of product or service you sell.


Key Features

Pay Buyers $1.00 on Average

Only Verified Buyers

Buyer Eligibility

A user must spend at least $25 and (1) buy the product you specify, (2) where you specify, (3) on the day of the call after calling your business.

Only for Attention

You pay just for a buyer's attention, at the moment of truth. It's up to your business to close the sale. If the buyer purchases from a competitor, you still have to pay her.

How It Works

1. Create an Ad

You create an ad and enter search term(s) describing what you sell, for instance, "flowers."

2. Buyer Finds Your Ad

A buyer finds your ad and calls your business through it, spending at least 90 seconds on the phone.

3. Give the Caller $1.00

You give the caller $1.00.

4. Caller Plays a Game

The caller can then play Double-or-Nothing to win a prize of $2, $4, $8...up to $1,048,576.

5. Caller Claims Prize

The caller can claim her prize at any level. You will owe the prize up to $64. Above $64, Paybuyer will pay. But, she must be a buyer to collect.

6. We Verify Caller's Receipt

The caller must meet the eligibility above. We verify receipts - so you only pay real buyers - that's the key idea.

7. You Pay the Prize ($64 Max)

You make no upfront payments to Paybuyer. When a caller provides a valid copy of her receipt, we charge your credit card on file.

8. You Measure Results

In your dashboard, we list who called your business via Paybuyer. You check this caller list against your customer list to see how many Paybuyer callers bought from your business.