Google Makes $5 - $60 Off You Per Click

Denver advertisers pay Google these amounts per click on ads listed under these search terms. Google hides this information so ~90% of users have no idea.

90%-99% Less Than Google Ads

At 50¢ per click, Paybuyer costs 90%-99% less than Google Ads for the terms above, so you can feel good recommending it to local businesses.

It's an even better deal than that, actually, because Google advertisers pay for worthless clicks from non-buyers, while Paybuyer advertisers only pay for clicks from verified buyers.

Why Only 50¢ Per Click and $1 Per Call Initially?

Pay-for-placement search advertising, the Google Ads model, was actually started by in 1998. To attract advertisers, GoTo's founder, Bill Gross, charged 1¢ per click, an extraordinary discount to the market. When enough advertisers signed up, click prices rose. Paybuyer is copying GoTo, offering advertisers a steal at the start. When enough sign up, payments will rise.


This screenshot is from Google's Keyword Planner on 1/15/2021. The Planner gives a range for each keyword. The dropdown above shows amounts in the middle.

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