Google Makes $5 - $60 Off You Per Click

That's how much top-ranked Denver advertisers pay Google under the search terms above. Google hides click prices, so ~90% of users have no idea how much Google makes off them.

On Paybuyer, Advertisers Pay You 50¢ Per Click, If You're a Buyer

50¢ per click is 90%-99% less than Google charges. And, Paybuyer advertisers only pay for clicks from verified buyers, which is unique. So, you can feel good telling businesses about it.

Why Only 50¢ Per Click (and $1 Per Call) Initially?

Pay-for-placement search advertising, the model Google uses, was actually started by in 1998. To attract advertisers, GoTo's founder, Bill Gross, charged 1¢ per click, a steal. His plan worked. Advertisers signed up then click prices rose. Like Bill Gross, Paybuyer is offering advertisers a steal at the start. When enough sign up, payments will rise.


This screenshot is from Google's Keyword Planner on 2/22/2021. The Planner gives a range for each keyword. The dropdown above shows amounts in the middle.

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