How do I pay only verified buyers that I choose?

On Paybuyer, you give users a chance to win money in exchange for visiting your website or calling your business.

To collect, users must (1) hire the service you specify in Boulder, within 14 days after visiting your site or calling, and (2) spend $50.00 or more.

The users don't have to buy from your business; they can buy from a competitor.

To collect, a user must provide a copy of a receipt.

For example, if you specify buyers of plumbing services, a caller who wants to collect money from your business must provide a copy of a receipt proving she hired a plumber within 14 days after calling your business.

Geo Targeting

When you create a Paybuyer ad-offer, you enter locations that specify where users must buy to be eligible for the prize. During our pilot, that location is exclusively Boulder, CO.

Service Targeting

You enter a search term describing the service users must buy/hire to be eligible for the prize.

For example, if you enter "plumber" a user must hire a plumber to be eligible to win from you. If you enter "auto repair" a user must hire an auto repair service.

In cases of ambiguity, Paybuyer will decide whether your business owes a buyer money.

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