How to Provide Proof of Purchase and Collect Your Money

Proof of purchase is required.

To collect your money, you provide a receipt showing that:

  • You purchased the product/service on the winning ticket in your Dashboard.
  • Your purchase took place on the day of your search, after you called the advertiser.

Your receipt must be yours.

Your receipt must be identifiable as yours (have your name or credit card number on it).

Submit your receipt.

If your receipt is digital, email it. If it's paper, snap a picture of it and then email it.

Email to: and put your name in the subject line.

Note: Keep your original receipt, in case we need to inspect it.

Observe the 90-day deadline.

You are required to submit proof within 90 days after your purchase. After 90 days, your payment/prize/ticket is void.

Permit us to verify the receipt.

When you submit a receipt, you give us permission to ask the merchant and/or bank involved to verify that the transaction took place as shown.

Collect your money.

After we verify your receipt, we pay you with an Amazon e-giftcard or via PayPal.

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