Get Shares for Referring, Easy!


Click on a GET SHARES button
in search results.

Ask a Business

"Please check out Paybuyer."

Collect Your Shares

200 for asking a business.
1,800 more if it advertises.

Denver residents, you receive 200 shares of stock simply for asking local businesses to check out Paybuyer. Plus, 1,800 more if a business you ask advertises within 30 days.

See a GET SHARES button in the search results. Click to be connected by phone to the business. Phrase your request however you like. For example:

"Hi. My name is __________. I live in Denver. I’m a shareholder in a new search engine called that’s launching here. Please ask your marketing manager to check it out. Paybuyer costs 90% to 99% less than Google."

Rules and FAQs

Who is eligible?

Denver residents defined here.

Where can I see my shares?

Click the My Shares link in the top menu or your dashboard.

How do I get the 1,800 bonus shares?

You get the bonus shares if the business you called:

  • Signs up as an advertiser within 30 days of your call.
  • Advertises for 90 days, beginning at the time of sign up. You are provisionally credited with the stock when the business signs up.

Can I leave a voicemail?


Why do GET SHARES buttons disappear?

They disappear from 6:00pm – 7:59:59am, outside most business hours.

Any GET SHARES button will also disappear when too many people have used it.

Any businesses with a GET SHARES button in its listing can call Paybuyer to request that the button be deleted.

Have a Question?

Give us a call anytime at ‭(480) 417-0855, or use the form below to send us an e-mail.