How do I know it's fair?

Paybuyer gets paid when buyers receive prize payments.

Therefore, we have no incentive to cheat buyers.

We do have an incentive to cheat advertisers by tilting the odds in favor of buyers. But, it's easy to publicly check our system by clicking on payment tickets to find out if our pseudo-random number generator is fair. Anyone could do the checking, so it would be remarkably stupid of us to use loaded dice, as we'd ruin our reputation and could be prosecuted for fraud.

When prizes get larger, over $64, we are on the hook, not advertisers. In this case, we use a public random number generator: the closing price of the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (ticker VTI). We can't influence the result: the last digit of the price flips randomly.

And, unlike a casino, we have no edge. You get a pure 50-50 chance of winning in each round of the Double or Nothing game.

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