Buyer Payment Rules

When you click on an ad and call an advertiser, the advertiser will owe you $.25 (for a click) or $1.00 (for a call) if:

  1. You buy the product or service you entered in the search box to find the ad.
  2. You buy in the location you entered in the search box: National (anywhere in the United States) or local (in the city or zip you specified in your search).
  3. Your call lasts 90 seconds or more (does not apply to visiting a website).
  4. You reach a person, not an answering machine (does not apply to visiting a website).
  5. You buy on the day of your call or on the day you visited the advertiser's site.
  6. You buy after you call the advertiser or visit the advertiser's site.
  7. You can collect your $.25 or $1.00, though an Amazon e-giftcard or a PayPal transfer, if you submit a picture of your receipt to
  8. $.25 or $1.00 is probably not enough for you to go to the trouble of submitting a receipt, so we let you play a Double or Nothing Game (on your Buyer Dashboard).
  9. At each stage of the game your payment can double, and your odds of winning are 50%.
  10. You can win up to $1,048,576.
  11. To collect your prize, you must submit a picture of your timestamped receipt to (keep your original receipt in case of dispute).
  12. You agree to allow Paybuyer to contact the merchant and your bank to verify the authenticity of the receipt (usually we will not need to take this step).
  13. 7-Day Rule - Important If you do not redeem your money within 7 days, the system will play Double or Nothing for you up to $64, at which time you can redeem your money or continue playing Double or Nothing on your own.
  14. The rules for receiving a payment ($0.25) for a click to a website are the same as the rules above for a call, except that you are not required to spend any specific amount of time on the advertiser's site.
  15. You can enter without making a purchase. No Purchase Entry rules are here.

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