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Paybuyer is the world's first search engine where advertisers pay buyers.

Believe it or not, advertisers pay Google and Amazon up to $60 per click.

Paybuyer's technology enables advertisers to pay you, instead.

We're piloting it in Denver and offering you generous rewards if you help the pilot succeed.

1. Free Shares

We're giving you 100% ownership of Paybuyer in Denver, in the form of shares:

What are they worth? See Value of the Shares.

2. 10% Revenue Share If an Advertiser Says You Referred Them

If an advertiser tells us that you referred them to Paybuyer, you get 10% of what the advertiser spends on Paybuyer over 10 years.

See Rewards Eligibility and Rules.

Help If You Want to Fight Ad Platforms Selling You to the Highest Bidder

Spread the word about Paybuyer because, if it succeeds in Denver, the model will be copied, and all kinds of advertisers will start paying you before you buy. They pay Google/Facebook/Amazon hundreds of dollars each year to reach you now. That money can go to you.


Mike Rossides | Founder |